Need for Legal Protection to the Downtrodden and Helpless


No legal protection or social justice can be available to those who cannot organize themselves into violent pressure groups . It is precisely such sections of “the wretched of the earth” who need such protection and justice most like the Shah Banos, victims of dowry- murders and other atrocities , the unfortunate women forced to become prostitutes , devdasis , women workers , working housewives , the divorcees , the enuchs  , the orphans , the innocent children working under callous employers , children kidnapped , maimed and used by professional goondas for begging , and the children of divorced persons ; the Vanavasis deprived of their traditional rights in forest areas , victims of the conspiracy of contractors , conservators and politicians , and displaced on a large scale in the name of developmental projects like dams ; the denotified communities or the ex-criminal tribes and all the nomadic and semi nomadic tribes ; the bonded labour ; the dalits and the backward classes ; those affected by natural calamities , such as , floods , fire , droughts , earthquakes , epidemics etc. or by extraneous factors such as terrorism , riots ,wars , accidents , violence , sabotage etc. Families of military personnel or members of police and other forces killed while discharging their duties ; rural artisans , and hadicraftsmen , millions of illiterate unemployed and underemployed . The educated unemployed , workers retrenched on account of high technology , victims of occupational hazards and occupational diseases of the violation of environmental law and safety measures ,as well as the law relating to cruelty to animals , the homeless and slum- dwellers .The unsuspecting , illiterate consumers .The destitutes ; the disabled ; the handicapped ; the crippled ; the mentally retarded , the juvenile delinquents and the lunatics ; the blind ,the deaf , and the dumb ; the beggars and the victims of dreadful diseases . Refugees as distinct from infiltrators . Prisoners who become victims of lust or the sadism of jail authorities .


All these unfortunate people are unable to organize themselves into effective pressure groups . As representatives of the moral and social conscience of the society , the activists of the Akhil Bharatiya Adhivakta Parishad and expected to do the needful to provide appropriate relief to them.


Need for Fresh Thinking in the Field of Law.


Fresh thinking is necessary on all legal and constitutional aspects . The law , the legal system , the Constitution , the institutional framework , and above all , the psychology of all those involved in  this process- all must be thoroughly changed . It is to be an onward march in the light of Universal Laws. All this is an important , indispensable , and integral part of the process of national reconstruction. The Destiny has called upon Bharat to give new lead to the world groping in the dark after the miserable failure of the western thought systems . The mankind is clamoring for what is described as the “third way” . It is the moral and the divine responsibility of Bharat to show the “third way” which would infact be the “only” way . This necessitates tremendous homework and equipment . One of the first and indispensable steps in this direction is to convene a new , and competent Constituent Assembly.  Who would be qualified to become members of the new Constituent Assembly ? Power- hungry politicians ? Our first Constituent Assembly was to a great extent dominated by the members of this tribe . And we have been experiencing the consequences. Who is morally as well as intellectually equipped to play this role ? More than any other section of the population , it is the lawyers dedicated to the cause of the national reconstruction.  They can play key-role in preparing the new Welthanshchaung . Thus the Akhil Bharatiya Adhivakta Parishad is not merely a body of lawyers set up to protect and promote their professional interests ; it is competent and determined to become of the nucleus of the Constituent Assembly of the resurgent Bharat.


Excerpts from the Innagural Speech of Shri D.B. Thengdi to the first National Conference of the Akhil Bharatiya Adhivakta Parishad., held at New Delhi on 7th and 8 the December , 1992.